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This site is an online collection and archive of travel with articles, galleries and video of various excursions I’ve taken abroad both with and without my VW bus.  When I first bought a VW I thought I was buying a tool, like a big backpack to carry things around in. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I had joined a cult. Sure there are car clubs that enjoy weekend meets to admire their latest sub woofers, but the VW crowd is a whole different monster. When you see someone driving an older VW you’ve pretty much got them sussed out. I’ve never approached someone in a VW and had them scowl at me. There’s always a friendly handshake and a warm smile as the showing off begins. Old or new, rust or no rust, it doesn’t matter. We will sit there and fawn over another ride as if it were our own, expecting the same in return when we start giving our tour.

“Wow! An 8 track! I thought I was old school with my cassette player!”

VW’s are a way of life. You can never stop tinkering with your bus or finding new places to challenge it. There are never enough VW meets in a year. You never get tired of people walking up to you and talking about how they grew up camping in one,  or that they had a crazy old uncle who drove one until the day he died. They’re finicky with their own personalities and each one is unique with each owner knowing its limitations and nuances.

“You’ve got to double pump the gas when you’re going from second to third on a hill or it just might stall.”

For the most part we all name our Volkswagen’s. Sometimes the names will come to us because of some strange characteristic the bus has or,  our kids will name them. Some names are based on their colours and other names have been chosen before the bus has even been purchased. It’s not the name that gives it personality and over time you will learn the nuances of your ride. You also join an extended family when you buy an older VW. In much the same way your friends and family will help you move, another VW will drop what he’s doing to help you change your brakes or remove the firewall. You become a part of a community much larger than you and your bus. We wave to each other on the highway as if we’ve known each other for years. We offer up our homes, garages, equipment and know how to complete strangers just because they happen to own a bus. We’re strangers who have known each other for years.

There’s something special and groovy about being a VW owner that I think is best summed up in an article by Jim Carroll over at Shu’s Views. He writes:

“It’s more smiles per mile than almost any other affordable car on the road, and that’s very good mileage indeed.”

Enjoy the site.

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