Mike’s Amazing Sand Creations

Watch as Mike creates a mermaid for Campo Sirena in Bahia Asuncion, Baja California.


One Last Baja California Video

OK folks, one last video from Baja California before I start editing the DVD of my travels there. Here are some shots of my favorite places.


The Road Home

The Baja Beach Bum’s Lament

This is a compliation of shots taken off the beaten path in Baja California with Jeanette “Spaghetti” Grittani singing the Baja Beach Bum’s Lament. Written by Don Carlson and based on Jerry Jeff Walker’s “Night Riders Lament.”


Skim Boarding at Shipwrecks on the East Cape Road

Free DVD and/or Name In Credits

I am currently in the final stages of shooting Baja California with only Bahia de Concepcion and a few smaller locations left to film. To date I have footage from San Felipe, Gonzaga Bay,  the North Pacific Coast, San Quintin, La Lobera, Bahia de Asuncion, Los Barilles, Cabo Pulmo, the southern East and West Capes as well as hot springs and other points of interest around Southern Baja. The DVD, when complete, should run roughly 1.5 to 2 hours and will cover pretty much all of Baja from the north to the south.

The concept of the project is to show people off the beaten path Baja and places that haven’t been touched by the long arm of tourism and resorts. In doing this I’m hoping to help people find comfortable and safe locations for their vacations where they can experience authentic Mexican culture, food and music while spending less money than they would at an all inclusive resort. The upside of this is that more money would stay within the local economy and, on some small scale, help smaller communities survive the hardships endured through the recent financial crisis and the fear mongering brought on by foreign governments about the safety of travel in Mexico.

Please visit www.wanderglobe.com to view some of the short videos of the project and to make a donation in exchange for a gift and/or credit. Gift levels are as follows:

  1. $25 – A Free DVD when the project is complete.
  2. $50 – A Free DVD as well as your name in the credits. I do all of the editing myself so you can be anything from camera assistant to animation director. :)
  3. $100 – A Free DVD as well as your name listed at the top of the credits as an Associate Producer. How fun is that? I will also send you postcards as I travel through Latin America for being such a good sport.

Any and all help in completing this project is great appreciated. I am 100% self funded and not connected with any studios or agencies.

Happy and Safe Travels
Buen Viaje!


The Big Spill

I took the shots from a video of my first spill in the kayak. I got hit by a big wave paddling in Cabo Pulmo National Park on the East Cape of Southern Baja California.



Cabo Pulmo National Park

My friend Colin and I just spent 4 days at Cabo Pulmo National Park on the East Cape of Southern Baja. These beaches are about a 2 hour drive from Cabo San Lucas and without the crowds. A short walk from the picnic area and you couldn’t see another person. Check out the gallery of this gorgeous location.  

Kayaking in Bahia de Los Angeles

Swimming With Sea Lions

Here’s a short video of the fun we had swimming with sea lions in Bahia de Asuncion, Baja California.


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